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Much of what I’m about to share with you in the Little Free Book that builds real wealth flies right in the face of common financial wisdom but:

  • If you could retire rich just by making $1,000,000 almost everybody who owns a house and has a 401k would be rich!
  • If you could get rich just by Paying Yourself First, almost everybody who has a 401k would be rich!
  • If you could get out (and stay out) of financial trouble just by keeping a budget, most people wouldn’t be in the financial mess that they are in!
  • If you could build a real Emergency Fund, most people wouldn’t be so financially vulnerable! 
  • If you really could invest in real-estate with No Money Down, we wouldn’t have a sub-prime crisis!
  • If you really could become Steve Jobs just by starting a small business in your garage, nobody would be working for a living!
  • If you really could live off the stock market or the interest that your money earns in the bank, nobody would need to worry about market crashes, interest rate changes, or inflation!
That's why I wrote the Little Free Book ... it includes ALL of the critical steps required to build wealth, and keep your money safe. Building - and keeping - wealth does not have to be risky or complicated!
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